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Frequent Asked Questions

1. How will I be sure that my order is placed?

When an order is complete, and only then, an email will be sent as a confirmation. You are strongly advised to check the details of your order and inform us in case of any discrepancies. In case that Direct Bank Transfer is selected as a method of payment, the order will be considered as complete only when the amount of the order is transferred to our account. Orders of this payment method must be paid within 48 hours (GMT) of order otherwise will be cancelled.

2. Can I cancel or edit an order?

Email us at info@dimitriskalergis.com as soon as poosble with your amended details of your order. Also, please read the Terms and Condition for cancellation policy.

3. What methods of payment are available?

We provide the following payment services:

  1. Direct bank transfer
  2. PayPal checkout (credit & debit cards, etc.)
  3. VivaWallet gateway (credit & debit cards, Apple Pay and many more options)

4. Is my payment secure?

Direct bank transfer payments are a responsibility totally of the consumer. Payments occuring within PayPal must follow the User Agreement of PayPal security service. Credit card transactions are held via the Viva Wallet secure payment by automatically redirected services. This method is certified and verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode services.

5. What if something is wrong and I want to return my product?

Please read the Terms and Condition for our returns policy (see paragraph 5).

6. Is there any customisation availability?

For large quantities of our products and especially for commercial brands, any of our products can be customised according to your specifications with the exception of losing the basic character, form and objectives of the original, for example altering the colour to match your company’s profile. Inform us about your criteria with an email at info@dimitriskalergis.com, however, we may require more details from you in order to rethink and design an object according to your brief. In any case, it will be estimated a minimum order of objects and a new price of every item.

7. When out of stock products are available ?

The philosophy of handmade crafting of our objects with respect to materials and detailing influences our production potentials by resulting in short supplies. The upper most challenge of supplies is not the rate of but the quality in production, thus we kindly and politely apologise for not being able to provide large numbers of objects in stock. However we will try not to fail your high expectations and urge to acquire any of them.

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