Available brochures

View our unique objects by category in a magazine style. Be inspired by our creativity, the handcrafting and environmental sensitivity and share this philosophy with a gift to a special person of yours. All objects are also available to view at our shop page.

1. Hangers

A variety of unconventional and elegant clothes hangers, embracing six families of different concept, character and use. All represent an incentive to rethink and rediscover the ordinary moment of hanging precious wearables.

2. Workplace

A variety of distinct accessories for a place of work, suggesting new ways of organizing objects and presenting ideas, in simple and creative carved forms.

3. Tables

A variety of distinct tables that represent a rethinking of the way people see and use daily tables. They are more than plain surfaces that support other objects but act as “companions” with strong connotations especially from nature like Crabs and Blossoms. All unconventional tables don’t just take place in your living room, they take life and suggest new table experiences.

5. Fabrics

A family of objects handcrafted from a single folded item of fabric and cork padding that protect and enclose precious items like notepads (Envelops), tablets (Pockets) and cell-phones (Sachets). Fabrics aim is to protect and organize documents and electronics devices with their accessories, in an elegant and stylish manner.