” Artisan handmade detail “

Unique objects with artisan handmade details handcrafted in Greece 

We place great emphasis on quality and environmental sustainability in all aspects of the manufacturing process. In addition, we engage local craftsmen who employ traditional tools and techniques in the fabrication of every single object. In doing so, we materialise our distinct values and commitment to create unique objects with a touch of artisan detail. Minor variations in the end product, such as wood-grain patterns, further attest to the uniqueness of materiality and craftsmanship.


Each single design is created with nature in mind

Respect for the environment and passion for the sustainability of nature are key to our operation. We are committed to making significant contributions in support of a number of organizations, whose aim it is to protect and improve conditions for wildlife. This is seen as a means of interacting with nature and of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the natural world.


The design of every object in the collection attests to the respect of our surroundings. It spotlights different aspects of nature, such as the beauty and diversity of the ornithological world or the strength of the rhinoceros. Most of all, our objects intend to sensitize people to the beauty of the natural world. In addition, to awaken appreciation of nature and to instill a need for involvement in the protection of endangered species.