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Nature and human experience inspires our design


The beauty of the environment presents us with unlimited challenges and inspiration and has become our muse in the art of object design; while certain questions ponder in the mind: “what makes it what it is” “why this form” and “why does it function the way it does” ?


Most of all, it is the quest for such answers that brings you closer to the merits, the functionality and the practicality of an item. In turn, this may conjure up new and unique forms or unexpected interpretations of a given object. It is this mental process of critical rethinking, which leads to the reconstruction and remoulding of a variety of objects into new unique entities.


Besides improving the practical aspects of articles, we also foster the urge to alter their conventional characteristics and features; an aspect omnipresent in all our creations. From an architect’s perspective, an ordinary item or some spatial context could manifest personal tastes and style.


Attention to detail and the utilisation of impressions captured from routine pursuits are at the heart of this design philosophy. It is the embracing of basic needs fulfilled by simple functional objects and ordinary spatial contexts that sets the challenge in motion; while it is the vision of transforming them into personal works of art that has become a preoccupation.


Design reveals the way we interpret functionality and personal experience


Architecture is a passionate commitment in the art of engaging and fusing the elegance of design and the brilliance of the conception with the groundbreaking inspiration and the attention to detail. Architectural thought and design can be generated even from the most trivial notions or things. There is no parameter that can be seen as of a secondary or minor importance and no aspect can be considered of a lesser value in an architectural design! Most noteworthy, every little part of the design is as important as the final product. Thus, our guiding concept of architectural design emphasises on careful detailing and human experience!


We place great emphasis on quality and environmental sustainability in all aspects of the manufacturing process. In addition, we engage local craftsmen, who employ traditional tools and techniques in the fabrication of every single one of our products. In doing so we materialise our distinct values and our commitment to create unique objects with a touch of artisan detail. The few laser-carved metal parts bearing certain figure connotation such, as the beaks of the Ornithes, are carefully manufactured in a way that meets high expectations of application and usage. Finally, some minor variations in the end product, such as wood-grain pattern


Graphic design besides the artistic dimension includes a very important element in every composition, that of symbolism. A shape, a form, a general graphic synthesis does not emit only aesthetic, but also puts forward a symbolic and semantic dimension that stimulates human perception and evaluation. As a result the aspect of a logo, for example, is a key variable of its success as a marketing tool aiming to promote a company regardless of the type and scale. All these selected graphic works, among others, represent in this sense a symbolic personality and identity depending on the particular characteristics and needs of its owner.



Architecture & Object Design BA DipArch MSc PhD ARB

Dimitris Kalergis


Architecture & Project Planning

Melina Panagiotidi


Graphic Design

Despina Georgiadou


Architecture Planning

Maria Kourti